Wedding Photography

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For the longest time I was intimidated by shooting weddings. We've all heard horror stories, bridezilla, the mother in law, all the disasters. Then a friend stepped in and changed that. I took a few pictures during Karin and Steven's wedding, from my seat, politely, but when the reception started, I was asked to help shoot the reception. That set the seed, and then I worked with the official photographer from that wedding to shoot two more. I discovered that weddings are exactly everything I find compelling about photography. I have shot fights for the last seven years not for the action but for the emotion. Fight night is emotional, and no one has the time to conceal their feelings. Weddings are equally emotional, and it's rare that anyone gets punched in the face. I had no idea how unique each wedding is, an expression of the unique individuals getting married, their families and their cultures. I look forward to discovering you, your family and your culture.


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